Tips & Subject wise Preparation Strategy


What Is REET?

Rajasthan Eligibility Examination of teachers (REET) is an eligibility test that is conducted by Rajasthan Education Board.REET is the teaching eligibility test comprised of  2 exams i.e. Paper-1 which is conducted for the selection at the primary level i.e. class I to V and Paper 2  which is conducted for secondary level i.e. class VI to VIII.REET will be conducted for filling 32000 Grade III Teacher’s posts. The online application for REET 2021 has begun on 11th January 2021 and will be continued till 20th February 2021.

How to prepare for the RTET Exam 2021

Students appearing for this exam are often worried and confused about its preparation strategy. What is the strategy that needs to be followed by the aspirants to excel in the upcoming REET examination? Here are the preparation tips for REET exam 2021 to be noted by the aspirants going to appear in the REET 2021 exam:

Have a look at the Time table plan for REET 2021 Exam Preparation

Subjects Number of hours/per day What to study
Child Pedagogy 1-2 hour Piaget Theory, Moral Development theory, learning, All Theories, All the nomenclature used in particular theory  etc.
Mathematics 2 hour Number System, basic arithmetic’s problems & Math’s Pedagogy Concepts etc.
Science/EVS 1.5 -2 hour Topics like Human Physiology, physics Concept, and Chemistry and Rajasthan static GK, Public places and Institutions, Rajasthan state & their culture and  Subject pedagogy concepts, etc.
Social Studies 1.5 -2 hour Topics like  Constitutional Article, Dynasties & Agriculture History & Geography up to 10th standard etc.
English 1.5 hour Topics like RC, Poem Grammatical rule, Knowledge of English Sounds and Phonetic Symbols and Basic Pedagogy Concept, etc.
Hindi 1.5 hour Topics like RC, Poem,  Grammatical rule and Basic Pedagogy Concept, etc.

Strategies Your Subjects:

Child Pedagogy:

This section is challenging and very important as it is completely based on psychological concepts and Best Teaching and Learning Habits. You need to focus on the Concept of Learning, Teaching Learning Activities, Understanding Diverse Learners, and the Teaching-Learning Process. You must remember all the learning theories & their founder name and the what is the basic difference among all theories. Try to practice more and more child Pedagogy questions.


Language (Hindi & English):

The question asked in this section will mostly base on basic concepts. So in order to attempt this just read the newspaper for the next 1 -2 months or make a habit. Both speed and accuracy would also be required in solving the questions of this section. Make some handy notes so that you can better understand the Hindi grammar. Some important topics are basic grammar and comprehensions. Basic Knowledge of English Sounds and Phonetic Symbols is important in REET Exam.  Try to practice more and more English & Hindi quizzes



The syllabus of this section is quite tricky and lengthy for some students because they are not used to this subject. But no need to worry as the level of difficulty of the questions asked is easy or moderate. So brush up on all the basic formulas of every topic. Make a table of formulas it will help you to memorize them in a short time. Some important topics are Number systems, Mathematical Operations, Tables, Basic square root & cube root, Geometry, Percentage, Mensuration and Statistics to make the calculation faster.


You only have to study NCERT books. For other topics, you can study with our online study material. Important topics are State of matter, Force and Energy, Light, Sound, Daily Life Include Science, The Human Body, Creatures, Health, Environmental and Natural Resources. A complete REET Syllabus is also available on the website

Environmental Science

In this section, you have to focus on the earth’s structure, traffic and road safety, solar system, general geography. You must go through the Indian constitution, Mountaineering, Culture and Civilization and Pride of Rajasthan and Public places and Institutions etc. And some basic Rajasthan Static GK.


Social Studies:

This section comprises 60 marks in the REET Examination. In this section, you have to refer to all the NCERT Books from 6th to 10th standard in depth. You must go through Indian Civilization, Culture and Society, Government  Composition and Functions, Geography and Resources of India ( Mainly in Rajasthan), and Insurance and Banking System etc.







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