JOB BRIEFOperations Specialist position to manage the flow of Decosouq’s ground operations and optimize day-to-day ground activities, and build the bridge between customers and ground staff. Responsibilities include coordinating ground staffs daily engagement with the customers, assigning jobs to grand staffs, managing inventory, ensuring the correct ordering of supplies, optimizing processes, overseeing the daily ground operations team and communicating to the customers, and analyzing ground operations and identifying customer needs in order to bring the two closer together.JOB DESCRIPTION

  • Organize the in daily ground operations manager in planning, organizing and coordinating ground staffs activities relating to the operation of Decosouq
  • Communicating closely with clients and ground staff to ensure the daily activities completed as it is scheduled
  • Maintain an updated client, customer, supplier, and the operation management system
  • Plan and manage the daily activities on the ERP system
  • Monitor expenses and budget in line with the finance and accounts
  • Provide recommendations and suggestions for improvements in any aspects relating to increased performance
  • Keep up to date with the current market trends and industry forecasts

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