HR Executive jobs in Zafco in UAE – United Arab Emirates

HR Executive

Working under the supervision of Senior Executive-Human Resource. He/ She will carry out duties assigned in a professional manner and seek to gain knowledge of the companies’ procedures and expand work ethic.


· Sourcing candidates as per the approved MRF and budget plan

· Prepare new job description if required and review job descriptions for all positions at regular intervals and updating them in consultation with the respective head of departments

· Screening the candidates by shortlisting, phone, personal or online interviews

· Conduct reference checks for the selected candidate

· Prepare and issue offer letter to the selected candidate

· Coordinate with IT department for all IT assets required prior to employee on-boarding (at least 1-2 weeks)

· Coordinate with Admin department for car issuance, access card, availability of workstation if required


· Gather all the documents required and coordinate with PR Section for visa processing

· Conduct orientation program, briefing and facilitate newcomer’s joining formalities

· Create employee number and conduct on boarding process in the system

· Inform responsible person in Finance department for the employee number of any new salesperson joining the company

Payroll and other Payments:

· Prepare memos related to any employee payment and coordinate with finance department

· Monitors and maintain employee attendance, leaves, and prepare a report of absenteeism, lateness and undertime records.

Employee Exit:

· Ensure that exit clearance form is completed

· Prepare End of Service Benefits calculation and coordinate with exiting employee

· Conduct exit interviews to identify the reason of separation and record them accordingly

· Inform IT department prior to terminating employee to secure any IT related access

· Inform responsible person in Finance department for any exiting salesperson

Other functions:

· Conducts employee performance review

· Coordinate at Reception desk for gate pass issuance

· Attending/understanding employee’s grievances and escalating to the right level depending on the nature of the grievance or issue

· Update and maintain proper filing of employee documents

· Attends to other employee queries and if necessary, direct them to the right person

· Preparing various employee letters

· Assist and participate on employee welfare activities including planning of events

· Assist on employee training and development

· Follow-up KPIs and other required information from other departments

· Other functions that maybe assigned from time to time

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