Environmental Technician at PROVEN – Riyadh

Environmental Technician:

• Coordinate environmental monitoring programs conducted by third-party providers and ensure that they are completed on a timely basis.

• Conduct inspections of the site to identify environmental aspects not complying to the Company requirements and report and support the correction of these.

• Maintain and update a list of environmental improvement issues.

• Report and investigate environmental incidents as per Company’s Incident Reporting, Classification, Investigation, and Record-Keeping standard.

• Maintain and update the site environmental risk register.

• Conduct environmental monitoring programs.

• Identify environmental improvement opportunities and support their implementation.

• Collate and report technical environmental data as per the Company reporting schedule.

• Conduct environmental audits as per Company’s governance program.

• Check and support Company employees and contractors in the application of environmental controls during their work activities.

• Manage and coordinate the site waste management process (waste storage, segregation, collection, and removal from site)

• Conduct sessions to enhance employee and contractor environmental awareness.

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